Top 10 Power Generation Company in India

Top 10 Power Generation Company in India

Power is a fundamental aspect that promotes infrastructural development and economic progress. According to the International Energy Agency, India’s power sector is one of the most dynamic and extensive in the world. Coal and lignite; natural gas, oil; hydropower; nuclear power; renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and agricultural and domestic waste; among the least frequent are biomass. According to a recent study, the United States’ energy consumption is predicted to expand significantly over the next several decades. A significant rise in current power production is expected to fulfil the country’s rising energy demand.

Here are the top 10 power generation companies in India that you should know about:


Among the Top 10 Powers Generation Company in India, NTPC Ltd. was formally established in the following year, 1975. NTPC Bhawan, on Lodhi Road in New Delhi, India, serves as the company’s headquarters. The company’s services include energy production and distribution, natural gas exploration and delivery, and transportation. Oil and gas exploration and coal mining are other areas of interest for the company. In India, NTPC Ltd is a government-owned enterprise (PSU).

NLC India Ltd

Neyveli Lignite Company Ltd (NLC India Ltd) has its headquarters in Chennai and is India’s largest lignite corporation and one of the country’s top power generation firms. The corporate offices of this Indian company are located in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, where it was founded in 1956. Thermal power stations and coal mines owned by the company are among the largest in the country. To date, the company has been granted accreditation by the ISO for its lignite mines in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. The principal products of the corporation are LNG and power. The Ministry of Coal has administrative control over the company.


Among the Top 10 Powers Generation Company in India, SJVN Limited was formally established on this date in 1988. The joint venture between Himachal Pradesh and India is the country’s biggest power producing company. It provides a variety of services, including solar energy, power transmission, and consultancy, among others. The Government of India has awarded SJVN Ltd. the “Mini Ratna” distinction.

JSW Energy Ltd

JSW Energy Ltd. was established in 1994. Mumbai is where the company’s headquarters are located. Electricity generating, hydroelectricity, mining and power plant equipment are among the many products and services it offers. Power production, transmission, and trade are all areas in which JSW Energy participates.


As one of India’s most well-known power generation firms, CESC Ltd (Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation) is well-known across the industry among the Top 10 Powers Generation Company in India. Mr. R.P. Goenka founded it in Kolkata, India, and the organization’s headquarters are also located there. For energy production, the company owns three thermal power plants with a total capacity of 1225 MW. The company’s primary operations are power generation and distribution, and it covers an area of around 570 square kilometres. It is active in retail, business process management, and infrastructure through its subsidiaries. This business offers its products and services to customers in India, the the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and across the world. Energy has been supplied to Kolkata and Howrah inhabitants and companies for over a century by the company. The private sector CESC is engaged in the production, transmission, and distribution of energy. The firm serves a 567-square-mile area of Kolkata and Howrah as the single primary electricity distributor.


Established in 1975 is the National Hydropower Corporation (NHPC). Faridabad, India, is where the company’s headquarters are located. Among the company’s offerings are power generation and electricity trading. The company is currently working on nine projects, each of which has a generation capacity of 4271 MW. The company has access to solar, geothermal, tidal, wind, and other renewable energy sources. In all, NHPC Ltd operates 20 hydroelectric power stations. An Indian government agency, the NHPC is a Mini Ratna Category – 1 firm.

Power Grid Corporation India Ltd

The Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. was established in 1989 and is a public limited business. The product line includes all aspects of transmission, distribution, and energy trade. A significant power corporation has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, which is in the state of Haryana. The government of the United States owns and controls the company, which is a publicly listed utility. The Power Grid’s transmission network transmits almost half of India’s total energy production.

Reliance Power Ltd (ADAG)

There is a connection between this company and Reliance Industries’ Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG). The firm Reliance Power Ltd was founded on January 17th, 1995. Navi Mumbai, India, is home to the corporate headquarters of the corporation. Natural gas exploration and production, transportation, and distribution are also part of the company’s service offerings and power generating and distribution. Six coal-fired power facilities with a total capacity of 14620 megawatts are owned by the company (MW).

Tata Power Company Ltd

Dorabji Tata founded the Tata Power Company Ltd. in 1910. Today, the firm is still doing strong. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is home to the company’s headquarters. The company’s offerings include electricity and natural gas. Electricity generation and distribution, production of natural gas and other associated services are provided by it. In February 2017, Tata Power became the first Indian company to sell more than one gigawatt of solar modules. Sign up for one of our premium programmes to access more information about the company.

Torrent Power Ltd

Torrent Power Ltd. was established in 1996. Ahmedabad, India, is home to the organization’s headquarters. Energy trading, electricity generation, and wind power generation are only a few of the services that the corporation provides its customers. Power generation and distribution company Torrent Electricity Ltd is situated in Gujarat and operates in a number of states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Torrent Electricity Ltd With a total generating capacity of 3250 MW, the company is able to produce vast amounts of power.

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