Top 10 HR Recruitment Agency in India

Top 10 HR Recruitment Agency in India

Placement agencies are the movers and shakers in hiring and staffing. In addition to recruiting job seekers and connecting them with existing positions at client organizations, they also play an essential role in job creation. They perform background checks, interviews, and other screening procedures to locate the most qualified candidates for a position. Employer-sponsored placement agencies play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with companies that require their services. Here is a list of the Top 10 HR Recruitment Agency in India and a brief explanation of the benefits of working with recruitment agencies in India.

The Top Ten Best Indian Staffing Companies:

1. ABC Job Placement:

 ABC Job Placement was founded by Dr. Bish Agrawal in 1969, making it one of India’s first and most successful job placement firms. Company with 44 years of experience in this industry, guided by a motto of “Building Careers, Building Organizations” as its guiding principle. Their existing customer base accounts for around 75% of their revenue, making them the most sought-after talent acquisition firm globally, with over 500 consultants. They deliver the best and most individualized recruitment solutions in the industry. A presence in other countries is maintained by ABC even though they have nine offices spread throughout eight major Indian cities.

2. Zigsaw Consultancy

Human resources are the primary emphasis of Zigsaw Consultancy, which is one of Top 10 HR Recruitment Agency in India. Zigsaw collaborates with organizations to assist them in meeting their recruiting objectives most quickly and effectively possible. This organization offers a comprehensive recruitment solution for identifying and hiring the “best-fit” individuals. It also provides a complete benefits package. Generally speaking, Zigsaw has a considerable presence in India’s second and third-biggest cities, respectively. At Zigsaw, businesses may choose from various Hiring Plans, and the response time is the quickest in the industry.

3. Randstad:

Randstad was established in 1992 as “Ma Foi” and renamed “Randstad” in 2008. They are now one of India’s leading human resource service providers, with 20 offices around the country. Randstad, whose headquarters is in Chennai, India, is the second-largest recruiting business. Employee assistance programs, temporary and permanent employment contracts, several human resource software solutions, and various human resource recruiters are some of the services provided by a corporation’s Human Resources section.

4. TeamLease Services :

According to the company, a well-known human resources consulting organization in India, TeamLease Services was established in 2002 and currently has more than 1700 employees and 2500 clients spread across the country. According to Fortune India magazine, TeamLease is the eighth-most valuable company in the BSE and NSE markets. According to its goal statement, “Putting India to Work,” they presently employ more than 1.7 million people across its 6,600+ locations. A variety of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinational corporations (MNCs), government entities, and educational institutions are all included in this category. They offer corporate training programs in payroll outsourcing and evaluations, permanent and temporary staffing, and regulatory compliance, among other services. Their registered office is located in Koramangala, a neighborhood in Bangalore.

5. Kelly Services:

 In 1946, William Russell Kelly founded Kelly Services in the United States, and the corporation soon grew around the world. 6. Kelly Services, established in 2001, is one of the top suppliers of workforce solutions, including recruiting workers, assisting clients, and offering staffing solutions across a wide range of industries. Their human resources staffing business, which has six locations around the country, has been recognized for its best practices, quality procedures, engagement in the community, and supplier diversification. Kelly Services has a prominent position in the present staffing industry. They specialize in scientific recruiting, mid-senior level engineering and information technology hiring, and active recruitments in the financial sector and other industries. The headquarters of this Haryana-based corporation is located in Gurgaon.

6. Adecco India:

More than a million people have benefitted from the hiring services provided by Adecco India, which have enabled them to achieve their personal and professional ambitions. Adecco India invested Rs. 200 crores to buy People One Consulting to enter the Indian market (a prominent Bangalore-based firm). Since 2004, the company has achieved significant success by providing world-class services tailored to its customers’ requirements.

7. United HR Solutions:

United HR Solutions was started in 1986 by Dr. O.P Pahuja as United Consultants. It then changed its name to United Placement Consultants Pvt Ltd in 1996 and then to United HR Solutions in 2007. Dr. Pahuja is the founder of United Consultants. The firm changed its name to United HR Solutions in 2007. In the beginning, they focused solely on the Nigerian textile business, which was a good fit for them. United HR Solution, an ISO-certified consulting organization, supplied services to more than 450 clients in 15 different countries during its first year of operation.

8. Brain Behind Brand:

Brain Behind Brand, founded by Amitava Banerjee in 2008, has been dedicated to offering high-quality service to its consumers ever since its establishment 2008. The company handles all aspects of the hiring process, from interviewing to screening to shortlisting prospective candidates. Later on, to better serve its consumers, it expanded its operations to include more outlets in four major cities.

9. Sutra HR:

Since its establishment in 2008, Sutra HR has worked with more than 500 customers from a wide range of industries. People from all around the world come to Sutra HR for assistance with their human resource requirements. Sutra HR has seen a 200 percent rise in sales under the management of Waqar Azmi, increasing the company’s total revenue to more than $8.6 million every year.

10. Career Net:

The company’s corporate headquarters are in Bangalore, India, established in 1999. The company provides organizations all around the world with cost-effective hiring options. The company’s key customers are in the financial services industry, information technology, knowledge services, banking, financial services, and insurance.


The human resources industry has received significant attention for quite some time now. It has become an essential component due to the constant need for it. They’ve compiled a list Top 10 HR Recruitment Agency in India that have made a significant difference with their successful techniques and extensive expertise. You can’t argue with their capacity to recognize and solve problems using a problem-solving approach, which they have demonstrated.

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