Top 10 Hospitality company in Delhi NCR

Hospitality company in Delhi

Have you ever been to Delhi for a trip from a different place? Where did you stay during that trip? Many people use to stay in their relative’s resident or rented apartments, and some prefer luxurious Hotels. But in Delhi, there are so many hotels that anyone can get confused about which one he or she should choose. In this article, we will be listing some information about some of the most popular Hospitality companies in Delhi NCR, which are very famous for their facilities and hospitality.

Eros Group

Eros Group is a company that is listed as the best hospitality company in India. It is also known as “The Recognized Real Estate Giant in India” with special strength in and around Delhi, exuberate quality and excellence with more than 70 years of experience and expertise. The Company has more than 46 projects in 19 different locations in India, involving more than 500 expert team members. Shangri-La, Sampoornam, Edenwood Towers, etc., are some of its well-known buildings.

The Bird Group

The bird group is among the largest and most diversified entities in India. With more than 45 years of experience in India, the Company is associated with many businesses as diverse as the pioneering back office for being the representative for the world’s most leading airlines. The Company also includes many other services, including Travel technology, Aviation services, Hospitality, Retail, and Education, as we are discussing Hospitality company. The bird group owns some of the most luxurious and well-known resorts in Delhi, among which The Roseate hotel, The uber-luxury hotels are also included. The Company is not only famous in India but also In the United Kingdom. The Company owns 6 luxurious hotels in the UK.

Accor Hotels

How can we forget listing Accor Hotels in Delhi while listing the best hospitality companies in Delhi NCR? The Company owns some of the most customer-friendly hotels in Delhi, which includes:

  • Hotel Pullman New Delhi Aero city
  • Hotel Novotel New Delhi Aero City
  • Ibis New Delhi Aero City Hotel

Many customers prefer the Accor Company for their hospitality and the great offers they provide to their customers while booking their apartments with guaranteed rates.

The Hyatt

The Hyatt is an American Multinational Hospitality company that serves several countries with its hospitality services. This famous Company is associated with more than 20 other major companies and has more than 1,000s of apartments and hotels. Some of its famous resorts are also present in the capital city Delhi which includes the famous Andaz Delhi Hotel, which is rated among the 5-star hotels of Delhi and is the Largest Guestroom in the Delhi Aero city and some other Hotels like the Asian Hotels North Limited (Hyatt Regency, Delhi).

Western Resort County Club

The western Resort County Club, is also known as “Best Western Resort County Club,” is a beautiful resort. Away from the pollution and crowd, this resort is spread over 50 acres of green grasses. Due to its pleasant surroundings, many guests are attracted to this resort. It has hundreds of trained staff for providing their hospitality better than the guest’s expectation. And the most important thing that every guest observes is the sanitation and cleanliness of the resort, which they maintain very carefully.

Connaught Plaza Restaurant Pvt. Ltd.

No one in New Delhi hasn’t heard this name. Do you know why? It’s just because of its popularity. The Restaurant “Connaught Plaza” of this Company is a very attractive appearance from the exterior and its interior too. The most amazing point is that the resort also has a restaurant partnership with the famous American Fast-food Corporation, McDonald’s.

Hotel IBIS New Delhi Aerocity

This Hotel is very close to the Internal Airport of Delhi and only half a kilometer away from the airport Express metro station. The Hotel has been serving as a guest house to thousands of arrivers. The Hotel provides free parking and wireless internet facilities to its guests and allows pets inside the Hotels. The Hotel has its fitness center inside it.

Hotelivate Pvt. Ltd.

This innovative hospitality consulting firm was founded by renowned hotel consultants well recognized for their hospitality services to their guests. The Company provides its hospitality services throughout Asia pacific regions, among which its offices are present in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, and Dubai.

Subway System India Pvt. Ltd.

Unlike the other companies that I have mentioned earlier in this list, this Company is a fast-food company that also provides hospitality services. The guest doesn’t have to go anywhere to buy fast foods or to have a restaurant meal as they are all present inside the Hotel. The Company is also famous for its tasty sandwiches, salads, breakfast, and other recipes.

IHHR Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

This Multi-National Company is associated with the famous Hospitality company “The Hyatt hotel Corporation” The Company has promoters with over 50 years of experience in hospitality services. The Company has been serving for a long time so that their guest can enjoy their hospitality services. The services and the guest rooms, and the Hotel’s infrastructure make everyone mesmerized and wonder about its beautiful corridors.

Now, I think you might have decided which resort or hospitality building you are going to stay. There are several other companies which are well known as the above-listed Companies. If you know a company well, you can also include it in this list. Now it’s up to you, which one you would like to prefer according to your convenience and the services you would like to have from the Company. I hope the above-given information about the Top 10 hospitality Companies was helpful to you.

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