Which coaching is best for UPSC in Delhi?

Which coaching is best for UPSC in Delhi?

There are several coaching institutes in Delhi that are popular for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam preparation. The best coaching institute can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. Here are some well-known coaching institutes in Delhi for UPSC preparation:

  1. Vajiram & Ravi: Vajiram & Ravi is one of the oldest and most renowned coaching institutes for UPSC in Delhi. They have a strong faculty team and provide comprehensive classroom coaching and study materials.
  2. Chanakya IAS Academy: Chanakya IAS Academy is another popular choice among UPSC aspirants. They offer both classroom and online coaching programs and have experienced faculty members.
  3. Drishti IAS: Drishti IAS is known for its comprehensive coaching programs and student-friendly teaching approach. They have a dedicated team of faculty members and provide both offline and online courses.
  4. ALS IAS Academy: ALS IAS Academy has a good reputation for its coaching programs and study materials. They have experienced faculty members and offer classroom coaching as well as online courses.
  5. Shankar IAS Academy: Shankar IAS Academy is known for its quality teaching and guidance. They have experienced faculty members and offer both classroom coaching and online courses.
  6. Khan Study Group (KSG): Khan Study Group is a well-known coaching institute that provides coaching for UPSC exams. They have a team of experienced faculty members and offer comprehensive study materials.

It’s important to note that while coaching institutes can provide guidance and resources, success in UPSC exams ultimately depends on an individual’s dedication, self-study, and consistent practice. It’s advisable to research and visit multiple coaching institutes, talk to current or former students, and consider factors such as faculty, study materials, infrastructure, and student feedback before making a decision.

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