The Best Health Insurance Companies in India

The Best Health Insurance Companies in India

Patients who require private health insurance can buy it from health insurance companies. If you get sick or injured, health insurance can provide you assistance to pay medical expenses. Choosing the best health insurance plan from such a vast selection is undoubtedly a complex process, but doing so will pay off in the long run by providing you with peace of mind and a stress-free future for your family.

Below is a list of the top 10 health insurance companies that are listed at Quick Search India.


The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) – was set up on 1 Sep 1956. The LIC headquarters is situated in Mumbai; the LIC has been run by the owners of the Government of India as the major proportion of its stake is under the hand of the ‘Government of India. ’The establishment of the Life Insurance Corporation of India created the regulation and the supervision of the 245 private life insurance players.

245 life insurance companies include- 16 foreign companies, 75 provident companies, 154 life insurance companies. The structural organization of the LIC concludes with the Chairman and Managing directors. The LIC headquarters location in Mumbai includes the chairman, Managing Directors, and Executive directors Department heads.


The Star Health Insurance Company India is a standalone health insurance company. The company has a monopoly in the business of the health sector insurance and has a large number of buyers and customer base all over India. The headquarters are situated in the ‘Chennai’ region of Tamil Nadu.

The solicitation of the health insurance policy is done with the help of brokers, agents, and insurance marketing firms, and it has strong financial support from the banks.


The Bupa in the Max Bupa stands for British United Association limited. The health insurance company has a huge customer base and serves about 38 million customers globally. The max Bupa insurance company has business in the countries like- Poland, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico United States, Australia, and Spain.

According to the listing of the Forbes analyses, the company has a world ranking of 83, from among the total 750 global companies in the world.


The ICICI LOMBARD is a joint venture of the ICICI bank India. It has the regulation of owning the general insurance sector and running the health insurance category and various products for health insurance in India. The ICICI bank shares its 9.0 stakes in the ICICI general insurance as it ventures part. The company includes executives, managing directors, and chief underwriting officers.

The company’s key people include Bhargav Das Gupta as the Managing Director, Sanjay Dutta as the chief underwriting claims insurance and reinsurance. The executive directors are- Alok Agrawal, Sanjiv Mantri, respectively.


The Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company offers a variety of health Insurance Products in many cities all over India. The company has many hospitals that specialize in providing cashless facilities to insured people and offer services in many products like- Health insurance, personal accident, travel health insurance, sickness, and critical illness.


Tata group is one of the world’s best business groups, offering a number of health insurance products through its TATA Aig health insurance company limited. The company provides many health insurance products for all age groups with maximum benefits, minimum taxes, and premium rates.

The health insurance company has a network of around 7200 plus cashless hospitals with the facility of the covid 19 product for health insurance. The company has a specialty of ‘No pre-medical check-up’ for taking the insurance.


The company has a large business in the health sector insurance with so many health insurance products in its category. The headquarter of the company is situated in Mumbai city, and the company is a joint venture of the US property-casualty insurer. The company shares are divided among many stakeholders are stakeholders also gives the business strategies for its growth.

The company has business in around 23 states with 1200 employees working in the company. The companies have a base of network hospitals of around 5000 hospitals and also have bancassurance from the UCO bank for its business growth and the security of working.


The United India Insurance Company is one of the Indian government-owned general insurance companies which provides health insurance products with a low-rate structure as compared to privately owned health insurance companies. The company headquarters is in the Chennai region of Tamil Naadu. The company gets nationalized in the year 1972. The company provides a number of health insurance products like- Group health insurance products, individual health insurance products, corona kavach policy, Family Medicare policy, Sanjeevni, etc.


The National Insurance India limited is also a government of India Company that also provides health insurance products with low rates standards through they are easily accessible to the poor classes and the medium classes of the people. The company provides many health insurance products like corona Kavach policy, National Mediclaim Policy, Overseas Mediclaim business and holiday, Overseas Mediclaim employees, and studies.

The company also has a wide network of hospitals that provides cashless facilities to people who need health care services due to sudden health issues with the help of health insurance.


The ‘SBI General health insurance company’ is also a government entity that provides health insurance products to the people, and the premium structure is also low, as the SBI bank interest rate structure. The policies provided by the SBI general health insurance company are- Arogya Top-up policy, Arogya Plus Policy, Critical illness health insurance, Hospital daily cash health policy, SBI supreme policy.

The SBI General Health insurance is served by many customers and has a huge network of cashless hospitals with cashless facilities. The various and diversified products provide health coverage benefits to the people with low and flexible premium paying structures. For more health insurance companies search at Quick Search India.

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