Fulfill Your Cravings at Best Non-Veg Restaurant in Indore

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Indore is a hub of eatery joints. Everywhere you’ll find cafes or restaurants, street food, etc. But the family restaurants in Indore are comparatively fewer. Only renowned names like Guru Kripa, Celebrity, etc have been serving in Indore. Now you get to savor new places and new flavors at this amazing restaurant- The Allahabadi!

The Allahabadi is a one-stop destination for having authentic and delicious meals from various cuisines. Their forte is that they kept the authenticity intact and serve dishes from their own origins on a plate. This is why The Allahabadi is considered to be one of the top restaurants in Indore.

They have various cuisines on their menu namely seafood, non-vegetarian, north-Indian, south-Indian, Chinese, Italian, and much more. Apart from that, their service is top notch and they have a great ambiance to sit with your family and loved ones.

Also for celebrations, this is a one-stop joint because they also organize kitty parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So it’s a whole lot of fun at The Allahabadi!

It’s a must-visit place for all the Indori because actual memories are made around the table of The Allahabadi restaurant!

Contact for the order = +91-7898085184